Infovision as Number 1 Information Service Provider of IBM Daksh

July 28, 2009

IBM Daksh is a leading and multi-awarded provider of Business Process Outsourcing solutions with over 20,000 employees spread out across its India and Philippine Operations centres had chosen Infovision Research Systems as their NUMBER 1 Information Service Provider for background investigation.

The evaluation, which was presented by Mr. Alfredo N. Antone Jr. – Talent Acquisition: Operations & Business Intelligence at IBM Daksh Business Process Services Philippines Inc. in Mandaluyong City, recognizes Infovision Research Systems measures performances against 4 other service provider as the most efficient and reliable vendor. As of first half of 2009, the total average of Service Level Agreement (SLA) was 94%, which is the leading, continually improving the performances compared with the other competitors. IBM Daksh gave elevated projection of endorsement including the managerial accounts for the month of July to December 2009.

In large part, Infovision attributes its strong performance to two core accomplishments. Primarily, Infovision made a concerted and intensive effort to become a strategic partner for its clients by providing support on how they could be more successful in decision making. Infovision made significant investment in enhancing coverage and team skills sets in bringing expectations for valued clients.

In addition, Infovision implemented a truly reliable source of information for managing operation cost even in the economic downturn. Thus, they are very confidence with the information provided by Infovision Research Systems.


It is an honour for the entire Infovision team to have these efforts recognized in this independent evaluation by IBM Daksh” - Mastercarlo