About Info-Vision Research Systems, Inc.

Company Profile

We present to you our Historical Information, Market Growth and Future Plans.

INFO-VISION RESEARCH SYTEMS, INC. is a company established in 2004 in the country’s most dynamic center of excellence, craftsmanship and business which is Cebu. It catapulted in a span of a decade into one of the country’s best and largest provider of outsource information services emphasizing on Credit Information, Background Information, Pre-Employment Screening Process and allied services.

From its humble beginning coming from a dream of Mr. Henry Poblador, founder of the company, it now boasts as the country’s biggest, most dynamic and most reliable service provider with its footprint manifested all over the country through its key processing sites and presence of a number of correspondents within key cities and provinces. Currently, IRS maintain processing sites in Cebu, Makati, Pampanga and in Davao cities.

Starting from a single company in the oil industry through the supply of credit information, the company now serves a large base of clientele across key industries in the country. It counts a number of BPO companies which becomes a forte likewise with the Bank industry as its top all-time customer since 2004.

With the pressing demand of the industry, Info-Vision Research Systems armed with its vast experience, keeping abreast with the dynamic needs of its customers continues to upgrade itself through the continued investment in facilities and education of key leaders and personnel. It continues to raise its standards as it prepares to the drastic shift in service delivery patterns akin to the global standard.

As a service provider, Info-Vision Research Systems, Inc. with the customer needs in mind is closely keeping our focus as we ready ourselves to the future. The future that signifies super fast and more innovative approach in carrying our deliverables in any time, place and season.

Mission and Vision


     To be the leading and most prestigious information service provider in the country.


  • Providing quality service to all our corporate customers, being one with them to help achieve their goals, aspirations and sales targets.

  • To help in the growth of the industry through sustained marketing and development campaigns and providing
    our clients with highly competent and dedicated service.

  • Instill a healthy dynamic and productive work atmosphere.

  • Establish a culture of trust, confidence and Christ-centered workplaces.

Strategic Locations

It is with pride to inform our soon to be a client that we have strategically sit in the best cities of the country to better serve the specific needs.
Aside from the offices that are manned by capable personnel, we have some arms to reach the remote areas in the major group of the archipelago.


Corporate Office

Unit 201, 2nd Floor Tulips Building,
A.S. Fortuna St., Brgy. Bakilid,
Mandaue City, Cebu Philippines



Unit 24A Trafalgar Plaza, #105 H.V. Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati City Philippines



Unit 2, 2nd Floor Co King Bldg.,
Mac Arthur Highway, Brgy. San Jose,
City of San Fernando, Pampanga



Room 3G Anda Corporate Center,
F. Iñigo St., Davao City,

Code of conduct

Info-Vision Research System is equiped with a code of conduct and subsequent principles to ensure quality of work.


Info-Vision Research Systems is a business fully integrated into the basic principles of justice and fairness over profit. It exists to provide its employees with an equitable wages and a productive working atmosphere. It strictly follows the laws of the country under the Philippine Labor Code. The company adheres to becoming an integral part of the community and acknowledges as a responsible corporate citizen which forms part of its standard principle. The company aims to become a compliant on matters of fair labor practices, occupational health, freedom and equality, uplifting the dignity of its workers, work ethics, open communications systems and the protection of the environment.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Info-Vision Research Systems adheres to the principle of Business with Responsibility to all its stakeholders, may it be to its clients, staff and stockholders. It maintained a realistic value of and commitment of trust and confidence for all its deliverables regardless of categories.

This Code of Conduct forms part as the company’s underlying principles. It is our worthwhile standard commitment.

Commitment to Labor

  • Non Discrimination – IRS is committed to become a company who does not discriminate from gender, age, religion, color, cultural dimension, sexual preferences, political affiliation, marital status, union membership and disability. The company is committed to provide a working atmosphere based on capability, trust and efficiency.

  • Child Labor – IRS abhors Child Labor as a principle. It shall not hire people below the allowable age of 18.

  • Working Hours – IRS adopts the regular Eight working hours as a matter of policy. It adhere to the mandate of the Labor Code. Any extension of work shall be considered an Over time with subsequent pay.

  • Wages and Benefit - IRS adheres to the mandated compensations and benefits as provided by the Philippine Labor Code. The basis on which worker are being paid is to be provided on a bimonthly basis with particular pay stub or slip.

  • Freedom of Association – IRS as a matter of policy does not curtail the Freedom of its workers for a valid association especially in the redress of grievance.

  • Humane Treatment – IRS maintained a productive, lively, and dynamic working environment which requires respect to everyone within the working premise. It values human dignity to the letter and is committed to defend such. No policies shall be enacted within the company which will deter this cherished belief.

Commitment to Health and Safety

  • Occupational Safety – IRS workplaces shall be designed to be free of any hazards. Work area is aligned to the standard safety procedures and requirements which enables it staff to work conveniently.

  • Emergency Preparedness – IRS works with its Building Admin for an efficient Emergency Preparedness Plan including Fire,Typhoons, Earthquakes and Civil Disturbances. It shall also work with government agencies such as the City Fire Board to work on various emergency preparedness plan. As a matter of policy, the company follows rules and regulations mandated both the Local Government in creating an Emergency Mitigating Measures.

  • Sanitation – IRS provided a clean sanitation such as an accessible comfort rooms, potable water, eating facilities, food storage etc. The same is maintained accordingly for both the health safety of its workers. Generally, the company employs regular fumigation procedures in its workplace to prevent any insect infestations which will possibly contaminate food and possibly create health problems.

Commitment to Environment

  • Pollution Prevention – IRS is a NON SMOKING area. Any material wastes shall be disposed of properly according to the Environment Management Policy of the Company.

  • Wastewater and Solid Waste – IRS is implementing a Waste Segregation Policy. All Biogradable and Non Biogradable wastes has separate area. The company likewise aligns its strict disposal procedure to the Solidwaste disposal policies of the building administration.

  • Hazardous Substance – IRS bans all hazardous substances inside the workplace.

  • Air Emissions - The company bans all hazardous elements inside the office which emits volatile organic chemicals. However, in the case that these are necessary either staffs are given protective gadgets to minimize hazardous air inhalations.

Commitment to Ethics

  • Business Integrity – IRS employs the highest standard of Business Integrity in all its transactions, either for to its clients, employees, suppliers, creditors and stockholders. It shall have Zero Tolerance Policy on Bribery, Corruption, Extortion, Embezzlement of funds and to any extent which shall diminish this standards. It shall conduct check and balance at all times to prevent occurrence that which breach this commitment.

  • Disclosure of Information – IRS adheres to the agreement of Non Disclosure for all its clients. It values this principle as our lifelong commitment of protecting our clients interests.

  • Intellectual Property Rights - IRS respects intellectual property rights. It shall not use any or cause to use any intellectual properties or know how of any person or institution without written permission to use. This apply in any forms of works, such as photography, poetry, works of art, books, inventions and the like.

  • Fair Business Advertising and Competition – IRS uphelds the standard of Fair Business and Competition. It shall not employ any dirty tactics inorder to win customers as a matter of principle.

  • Privacy – IRS commits to protect reasonable privacy, expectations of personal informationsif everyone we do business with which include our suppliers, customers, consumers and employees.


We designed an Environmental Management System to help unify the cause of each aspect of the working environment.



Info-Vision Research Systems, Inc designed a business continuity plan to ensure our future development.